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TEXAS STAR Shooting Target

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The ROE Firearms custom "Essex" Star features five 180mm diameter, 10mm thick steel targets mounted on a rotating wheel.Shoot one of the targets from the arm and the wheel starts rotating.  

Try to keep up with the moving targets!  As you hit each one the wheel may speed up, slow down or even reverse direction.  Every shot is a new challenge.

The targets are easily re-set by fitting the base of the target via two sockets at the back of each arm.  Simply slide the target under the retaining spring and you are ready for action.
Designed to be tough enough to handle the riggers of a liftime of shooting, yet aided by its unique take down design, portable enough to stow within the smallest of car boots,
Manufactured in the UK by OIW (Steels) Ltd one of the leading names in custom steel fabrications, setting new standards in custom target designs.
This product is in stock and available for immediate dispatch,we can also supply this product in varying heights as well as varying target dimensions.
ROE Firearms Texas Stars can also be manufactured with a re-setting system that uses gas driven rams and retains each target,
These targets are also available for clubs to rent, please contact us for more details.

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