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Hammerli Tac R1 .22lr and FREE CASE! CALIBRE: .22 lr ACTION: Semi-Auto TRIGGER: Single stage trigger TRIGGER PULL: 6.6 – 9.9lbs MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 20 Rounds ..
Henry All Weather Lever Action 30/30 rifle SPECIAL NOW ONLY £999.99 Saving You £270 Limited Time Only! Henry do produce, hands down, some of the best-looking lever action rifles on the market in there brass and silver models. In profile and general dimensions, the All Weather is essentially the same as its blued steel counterparts, with 20” round barrel and 5-shot magazine capacity and has the same adjustable buckhorn/bead sights. Like the blued rifles, the All-Weather also wear the same wrist profiles. In a tough world where a working rifle might be “rode hard and put away wet”, this is the finish you want on it. A very strong pl..
£11.99 £6.99
Streamlight TLR-1 HL Product Specifications Lumens 800.00 Candela 15000 Range of Light / Distance 245 meters Runtime 1.75 hours Battery Styles Non-Rechargeable Battery Types CR123A Lithium x2 Length 3.390 inches (8.61 centimeters) Weight 4.180 ounces (118.50 grams) ..
UTAS Defense XTR-12 SPECIAL Now Only £699.99 SAVING YOU £400   The UTAS XTR-12 is the world's first AR-10 based semi-automatic shotgun the XTR-12 is the only one that doesn't only look like an AR design, but also sports several technical similarities. The XTR-12 is a short-stroke piston-driven gas-operated shotgun and comes with a rotating bolt head and six locking lugs; the XTR-12 bolt is indeed an AR-10 type bolt beefed up in size for the 12-gauge shotshells. Feeding through a detachable magazines 12-gauge shotshells with a 76mm/3" ("Magnum") case, the UTAS XTR-12 semi-automatic shotgun comes with a 24" long 4140 stainless ..