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GunTuff 1/2" Thread Protector - Alloy High quality blued thread protector for all popular silencer adaptors and barrels with a 1/2" UNF male thread. Approx. 1cm long - the photo is much larger than the actual item! 1/2" UNF = 20 TPI (threads per inch), this model won't suit rifles with 1/2" UNEF (28 TPI) threads. ..
WE HOLD SEVERAL VARIANTS IN STOCK. Wildcat Rifles have designed and manufactured another fabulous Moderator. and are very excited to be able to introduce to all discerning Shooters The Wildcat Evolution Moderator, The Evolution has been introduced to run alongside the Predator 8 and Predator 12, with having the 10 baffle diffuser it is something in-between the Predator 8 and 12 The Wildcat Evolution is a slimmer and lighter version of the Predator. Our reflex Moderator is fully tested and suitable with the new solid copper ammunition, total length 260mm, drops back approx. 107mm over the Barrel and will accommodate up to a 25mm diameter..