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Adler Arms A-110 Lever Action Shotgun. These make a great addition to your gun cabinet. This version comes with wood stock and forend. Section 1 (FAC) These magnificent unique Lever Action Shotguns from Adler Arms are built to last and of are excellent quality. SPECS: Gauge: 12 Chamber: 76mm Barrel length: 24" Safety: Manual Engraving: Laser Receiver: Hardened Aluminium Receiver Chrome: Black Stock type: Walnut Barrel: Machined from steel blocks (42CrMo4) Barrel Chrome: Inner side plated with hard white, outer side plated with black chrome Choke type: Mobil or Slug Weight: 2.9 kg ..
Make: Bora Arms Model: BR99 Action: Semi-auto Section 1 Shotgun Calibre: 12g Condition: Used ..
THIS SHOTGUN IS FAC RATED AND REQUIRES A SECTION 1 FIREARMS CERTIFICATE A beautiful condition smooth bore .410 Enfield rifle with detachable magazine, making it a section 1 firearm. 1916 Dated Manufactured at the BSA factory. Rob says: "I have been collecting Enfields for years and this is the finest I have seen in a long time. infact if I had not just put in for several more variations I would keep it myself..." ..
Huglu XR7 12g Semi Auto Shotgun Section 1 Available in Green, Bronze and Black Starting during the 1st World War, our story crossed the oceans and made Huglu a real brand. Huglu is recognized across the world with our craftsmanship has currently being used by hundred of thousands people with reliability and loyalty. Craftsmanship is not a simple concept of skill for Huglu, but more than 100 years of knowledge, skill, growth and experience underlie this term WORKING SYSTEM: GAS OPERATED SYSTEM GAUGE: 12 GA CHAMBER: 76 MM RECEIVER: 7076 ALUMINIUM BARREL MATERIAL: PROCESSED FROM FULL MATERIAL OF 4140 STEEL STOCK..
VIDEO REVIEW: THIS IS THE SECTION 1 5 SHOT VERSION The Model 870™ Wingmaster® rises to meet another day in the upland fields and woods of America. The Model 870 is so smooth and reliable that today – nearly 60 years after its introduction – it’s still the standard by which all pump shotguns are measured. With a receiver machined from a solid billet of steel, it is the model of enduring strength. True to its original design, the pump glides with silky surety on two twin action bars for the utmost in positive chambering and ejection. These characteristics, along with its flawless balance and natural pointing qu..
UTAS Defense XTR-12 SPECIAL Now Only £699.99 SAVING YOU £400   The UTAS XTR-12 is the world's first AR-10 based semi-automatic shotgun the XTR-12 is the only one that doesn't only look like an AR design, but also sports several technical similarities. The XTR-12 is a short-stroke piston-driven gas-operated shotgun and comes with a rotating bolt head and six locking lugs; the XTR-12 bolt is indeed an AR-10 type bolt beefed up in size for the 12-gauge shotshells. Feeding through a detachable magazines 12-gauge shotshells with a 76mm/3" ("Magnum") case, the UTAS XTR-12 semi-automatic shotgun comes with a 24" long 4140 stainless ..