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Adler Arms A-110 Lever Action Shotgun. These make a great addition to your gun cabinet. This version comes with wood stock and forend. Section 1 (FAC) These magnificent unique Lever Action Shotguns from Adler Arms are built to last and of are excellent quality. SPECS: Gauge: 12 Chamber: 76mm Barrel length: 24" Safety: Manual Engraving: Laser Receiver: Hardened Aluminium Receiver Chrome: Black Stock type: Walnut Barrel: Machined from steel blocks (42CrMo4) Barrel Chrome: Inner side plated with hard white, outer side plated with black chrome Choke type: Mobil or Slug Weight: 2.9 kg ..
THIS SHOTGUN IS FAC RATED AND REQUIRES A SECTION 1 FIREARMS CERTIFICATE A beautiful condition smooth bore .410 Enfield rifle with detachable magazine, making it a section 1 firearm. 1916 Dated Manufactured at the BSA factory. Rob says: "I have been collecting Enfields for years and this is the finest I have seen in a long time. infact if I had not just put in for several more variations I would keep it myself..." ..
SAIGA 12 section 1 shotgun The Saiga-12 is a 12 gauge section 1 shotgun patterned after the Kalasnikov series of assault rifles. Like the Kalashnikov rifle variants, it is a rotating bolt gas operated gun that feeds from a box magazine. This near mint example comes with an original Cobra red dot sight, a US imported rail system, over sized chargeing handle as well as 2 x 8 rnd magazines, 2 x chokes, and original front hand guard. Please ring for full specifications. ..
The UTAS XTR-12 is the world's first AR-10 based semi-automatic shotgun the XTR-12 is the only one that doesn't only look like an AR design, but also sports several technical similarities. The XTR-12 is a short-stroke piston-driven gas-operated shotgun and comes with a rotating bolt head and six locking lugs; the XTR-12 bolt is indeed an AR-10 type bolt beefed up in size for the 12-gauge shotshells. Feeding through a detachable magazines 12-gauge shotshells with a 76mm/3" ("Magnum") case, the UTAS XTR-12 semi-automatic shotgun comes with a 18,5" long 4140 stainless steel machined barrel adapted to use several types of chokes; the bolt is m..