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4" and 6" in stock now. (limited availability)

Alfa .357 Muzzle Loading Revolver

6" barrel, 4" barrel, 3" barrel and 2" barrel.


So that I can manufacture Muzzle Loading Revolvers, Alfa supply me with part built .357 revolvers, that have never been completed and have no cylinders, thus they are not Section 5 prohibited firearms. I then carry out various modifications and fit a muzzle loading cylinder of my own design, the completed revolver is then proofed as a Muzzle Loading Revolver.


Stainless Steel Alfa 4", 6"  Barreled  Muzzle Loading Revolvers
Extra Cylinders Available On request                    

Target Handgrips:
Target handgrips with an adjustable palm shelf as fitted to the sport model are available to special order, they cost £85.00 each.


The Sport version has a different shaped barrel shroud, fitted with larger "Target" type open sights, The sides of the shroud have a groove running along the top of the edges which form a "weaver rail" so that a red dot sight can be fitted without having to disturb the open sights. They come with an adgustable palmshelf target grip as standard.

These are made to special order.


The Alfa is a section 1 firearm and can be held on a firearms certificate. To purchase one you will need a variation for a cal. .357" muzzel loading revolver and one for each extra cylinder you want.


Using the Alfa Muzzle Loading Revolver

To load the revolver the cylinder is removed by sliding it rearwards off of the open yoke, spent primers can then be ejected by using the pricker provided through the flash hole.


A measured charge of Powder is poured into the chamber and a bullet inserted into the chamber. The press provided is then used to press the bullet in, seating it just below the chamber mouth.


When all six chambers have been loaded the cylinder can be fitted back on to the yoke, and the primers may then be fitted into the primer pockets, seating them firmly home with finger pressure. Once this is done and the yoke has been closed the pistol is ready to fire.


Charge size, using a 148 Gr. Soft Lead Bullet


Suggested Charge startpoint     Maximum safe Charge

Green Dot      2.3 Gr.                         Green Dot      2.9 Gr.

Unique           2.6 Gr.                         Unique           3.3 Gr.

Herco             3 Gr.                            Herco             3.5 Gr.

Blue Dot         3.8 Gr                          Blue Dot        5.3 Gr.


Use more than the Maximum listed above or with other powders I will accept no responsibility for damage caused by overpressure.


Generally you will get the smallest groups using soft lead hollow base wadcutter bullets. However I suggest that you use solid base bullets until you are familiar with the gun, to eliminate the chances of leaving a hollow base in the barrel, because you inadvertently used too powerful a charge.

You will find that as you decrease the charge one tenth of a grain at a time, the group size will decrease, until you start to get the occasional flyer because they don’t all stabilise properly; Come up a couple of tenths and this is your "standard" charge. When you change something, you will need to check again.


I use .38 fired cases with the necks "belled" to hold the measured charges, using a wadcutter inserted in the neck as a stopper. On the range you pull out the bullet, pour the charge into the cylinder and press the bullet in on top.


Your local gun dealer should be able to get wadcutters for you. Edgar Brothers will supply them with Sellier & Belliot wadcutters. I can supply bullets made to my specifications but carriage is very expensive, so you would need to pick them up from Salisbury or buy ten boxes at a time and get free carriage.


Comparative measurements of one .22 LR Case full of powder

Green Dot      2.5Gr.             Max Charge 3.5Gr.

Unique           2.8Gr.             Max Charge 3.3Gr.

Herco             2.9Gr.             Max Charge 3.5Gr.

Blue Dot         3.7Gr              Max Charge 5.3Gr. 

Anvil Conversions Measure with CD Plunger

Green Dot      2.3 Gr.

Unique           2.6 Gr.

Herco             2.9 Gr.

Blue Dot         3.6 Gr.


The Revolver is designed to use a 148 grain soft lead Bullet of .357” Diameter, propelled by large grain slow burning powder such as Green Dot, Unique, Herco or Blue Dot. Ignited by a 209 Shotgun primer. (Do not use Magnum primers). These large grain powders will not leak from the flash hole during loading, and, with the large flash from the shotgun primers, will give a more progressive burn than obtained with fine grain powders, where all the powder can ignite before the bullet starts to move. This causes a spike in pressure which can fracture primers where the firing pin dents it, causing gas leakage and a build up of copper deposits on the firing pin. The build up of these deposits can cause the firing pin to fail to retract. This will jam the cylinders rotation.


The Revolver has been proofed to .38 S&W Spl. pressures, so use the powder manufacturer’s data for .38 Spl with a 148 gr lead bullet when selecting a charge weight to use. Do not exceed the service load laid down, as excessive pressure causes an increase of burn rate which can cause severe overpressure and damage to the revolver.

If using Hollow base wadcutter bullets use a small charge to reduce the pressure, or the base of the bullet may separate from the head and possibly cause a bulged barrel when the next shot is fired.


When you buy the Alfa it will come with the loading guide above and also with a coaching guide on how to use the firearm safely and accurately.

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