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Sabatti Saphire .308

Brand: Sabatti
Product Code: F395N
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Sabatti Saphire .308

The new hunting rifle SAPHIRE Synthetic is produced with polymer calcium and with a completely new and completely different action compared to the traditional Rover. The action, obtained from a block of Ergal 55 and expertly worked with CNC machines, is made with two integrated Picatinny bases, in order to allow easier mounting of scopes. The shutter, with a front three-tenon closure, is composed of three essential parts: head, body and throttle. Made with different types of steel and heat treatments differentiated according to the different mechanical characteristics required. After assembly, the shutter has excellent smoothness and is equipped with a floating head to ensure a secure support on all three tenons, in order to improve the accuracy of the weapon. The barrel, produced by a bar in AISI 4140 steel (42CrMo4) is made by cold hammering with the Multiradial groove (MRR®), which guarantees a better concentration of the rosettes, a longer life of the smaller deposits of copper and a higher speed of the projectile. The barrel is threaded to allow the attachment of a muzzle brake. The breech (barrel extension), produced with NiCrMo steel, is cemented and tempered thanks to a special thermal process that considerably improves the hardness of the external surface but also the core toughness of the piece. The same type of heat treatment is also carried out for the shutter head, which is the main part of the entire rifle and on which the safety of the gun itself depends.

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