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RPA BMF Rangemaster .338 Lapua

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RPA BMF Rangemaster .338 Lapua

  • Barrel length = 28” ( 72cm)
  • Weight 8.5Kg
  • Muzzle velocity 900 metres/sec (2950 ft/sec) dependant upon temperature, bullet weight etc.
  • The rifle is of RPA design and manufacture, designed for high performance and heavy use.
  • Our receiver bolt and firing pin steels are twice the industry strength, they are uniformly hard throughout.
  • 5 shot magazine capacity.
  • Safety is a major factor with RPA our receiver and bolt is produced from a solid billet of high tensile steel, so there are no internal components to work loose and cause injury to the rifle operator.
  • Extremely fast lock time (time from trigger pull to detonation) of 1.5 milli-seconds, this provides an edge when shooting long range.
  • Action, bolt and barrel coatings are extremely hard wearing and corrosion resistant, it has a very low coefficient of friction thus wear is also greatly reduced.
  • A major advantage is that it can be used in harsh conditions without lubrication.
  • Triggers are adjustable on the rifle and easily maintained.
  • We feature a 2 stage trigger operation with pull weight of 1.5 KG.
  • The safety is incorporated into the trigger design and locks in two places.
  • Premium quality barrel chambered to Sammi specification and proof fired at the London proof house.
  • All RPA barrels are pre-machined to accept muzzle brakes or suppressors as standard.
  • Barrels are fluted for good balance with a length and twist to suit the distance required.
  • Muzzle brake greatly enhances operator comfort.
  • Our composite stocks are produced to a high specification, using the latest materials to ensure strength and stability in all climatic conditions.
  • Condition: Used / 2nd Hand (Scope, bipod and rear monopod not included)

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