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Napier 12 Gauge Pull Through Kit   Designed for use with the Napier Field patch. This kit is everything that you will need to clean your shotgun whilst in the field, supplied with brass brush, generous length brass weighted pull through, 5 Field patches and a special end capped jag to ensure the patch stays in place. All packed in a padded wallet.   HOW TO CLEAN A SHOTGUN:   Napier of London is truly the “GUNMAKERS CHOICE” With decades of experience in producing ultra high performance gun care chemicals and materials. Napier’s experience in this specialist field has resulted in a complete range of the highest quality chemical preparations made especially for use on fine sporting guns, and are now also widely used by disce..
Napier Ultra Clean Universal Rifle pullthrough   The introduction of the new ULTRACLEAN material recently has allowed Napier to develop a remarkable new Universal Rifle Pull Through Cleaning Kit. Using the High performance dual action properties of ULTRACLEAN, combined with the proven cable pull through tool, it is now possible to effectively clean any gauge of rifle from 17hmr to large bore sporting and big game calibres.The new kit contains everything that is required to clean a sporting rifle in the field or at home, all contained in a handy zip case, that will also accommodate other items such as spare magazines etc. KIT CONTAINS 100 precut Ultraclean patches, sized for perfect results when used as directed. Napier Pull through kit Gun Cleaner GA Adaptor for refilling g..