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Winchester 400 12g Under / Over used / fair condition for age 2 3/4" Chamber Chokes : cyl, 1/4 26 1/2" Barrel, 14 3/4" Stock  These do not come up often. ..
Winchester SXP Waterfowl Camo 12g The Winchester SXP is considered one of the most reliable pump action shotguns ever made. It is based on proven Winchester designs that have evolved over half a century. It also happens to possess record setting speed. The unique rotary bolt action design allows the action to be pumped with virtually no hessistaion after you shoot, so follow-ups are very fast. All this makes the SXP and ideal waterfowling shotgun. This special model adds a total coverage dipped camo of Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades. It's a pattern that has proven its effectiveness with the top waterfowlers in the world and it will prove it to you the first time you hit the marsh, rice fields, flooded timber or wherever you chase ducks and geese. SYNTHETIC STOCK WITH TEXT..