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Features Adjustable volume control Audio input jack Stereo sound Cushioned foam ear cups Power indicator light   The Caldwell E-MAX Behind the Head Earmuffs are the next evolution on the E-MAX Hearing Protection line. Caldwell took the popular E-MAX Low Profile design and eliminated the headband making a comfortable fit for any shooter.  These electronic earmuffs amplify sounds over 20 decibels and have a volume control knob on the right ear cup making normal conversation and range commands in between firing sessions easily heard and understood.  Automatic shutoff on sounds over 85 de..
Caldwell E Max Electronic Ear Defenders. Standard profile E-MaxTM hearing protection combines great circuitry with a standard earcup for better protection. The two microphones in the E-MaxTM amplify sounds below 85 decibels, which amplifies normal communication, range commands, and environmental sounds. Above 85 decibels, the microphones shut off for a split second to protect the shooter's hearing. Two microphones - one in each cup - give the user true stereo sound and allow the user to identify the directional source of a sound. Specifications Cutoff: 85dB SNR = 25dB Power source: 2x AAA (not included) ..
Jack Pyke Passive Ear Defenders When worn correctly, these ear defenders provide effective protection for your hearing and filter out high-frequency noise. This product complies with European Directive 89/686/EEC annex VI by means of European Standard EN352-1:2002 "Hearing Protector Safety requirement and testing - Part 1:Earmuff" The appropriate marking can be found on the cups. ..
Konus Shooting Glasses Comes with 3 different lenes (Transparent,Smoke and Yellow) Anti-grip nosepiece Adjustable Temples Certified Shooting Lenses Rubber Headband Included Removeable frame for prescription lenses Comes with case ..