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Lee Safety Powder Scale Magnetically Damped and Approach To Weight Safety and accuracy are the most important features. Calibrated with weights certified traceable to the United States Bureau of Standards.   This is the only scale that can never get out of adjustment. The beam is made from a very tough phenolic, the same type material used on table and counter tops. Phenolic is tough but, like glass, it can't be bent. Even if dropped you can feel confident that if it did not break it is still accurate. Sensitive and readable to 1/20 grain. ..
The 18-in-1 Ruger multi-tool The world’s #1 multi-tool made for Ruger rifles, shotguns and handguns. Now the owners of Ruger firearms can claim the world’s #1 firearms multi-tool, too. It’s been designed by Real Avid and Ruger engineers, to fit rifles, shotguns and handguns. The Gun Tool Ruger Edition changes  choke tubes, mounts scopes and rings, tightens screws and adjusts scope turrets. It handles breakdowns and breaks down actions. It can even field dress an animal. This tool is found in trucks, shooting bags, hunting camps worldwide, because firearms rarely malfunction at home.   ..
The Rem Squeeg-E Universal Field Cleaning System carries the benefits of the revolutionary Rem Squeeg-E pull-through technology into the field in a compact go-bag. The 23 piece kit is equipped with all of the cleaning tools and chemicals you need for field cleaning handguns, rifles and shotguns from .22 caliber to 12 Gauge, delivering compact field performance that will save you time maintaining your firearms and eliminate the need to carry patches. Along with all ten size Rem Squeeg-Es, the kit contains two universal bore brushes, 12 Gauge bore brush, 32 inch universal cable, 6 inch handgun cleaning rod, cleaning rod T-Handle, nylon clean..