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Enfield No4 T 1943 BSA Shirley (live firing replica)

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Offered for sale is this stunning .303 Enfield No4 mk1 manufactured at the BSA Shirley factory in 1943, although not a true No4 T this rifle has been faithfully reproduced by "The Armourer" at Fultons Of Bisley, it has been paired with a reproduction N032 scope and mount, making this rifle a truly usable classic.

This is a sniper rifle for the Enfield enthusiast, that can be used each and every time you go to the range.

Prices of No4 T's have escalated in recent times and made acquiring such rifles beyond the reach of most people, this also makes shooting them shall we say "worrying..." by acquiring this piece of history you can have the joy of shooting one of these extraordinary rifles every week, with its 5 groove rifling and being regulated by Fultons, this rifle is sure to turn heads at whatever range it graces, with the added bonus that as with all Enfield’s of this nature it will only appreciate in value in the future, making it a sound investment.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.

(please note that this rifle is pictured with a real no32 from my own collection that is not included in the sale)

The No.4 Mk1(T) is a legend. It served the British during WWII as an absolutely remarkable sniper rifle. Rugged, accurate, and comfortable to shoot, the No.4 Mk1(T) was a sniper’s dream! These rifles started as standard No.4 Mk1’s that were hand picked for their above average accuracy. They were then shipped to Holland and Holland, H&H, where they were restocked, scope mounts added, and a scope fitted to the rifle. The quality of work done by H&H was superb. The accuracy was nothing to write home about by today’s standards, the requirement was a 3″ group at 100yards, but it is an accepted fact that the No4 Mk1(T) rifles actually get more accurate the further you go out. You might shoot 3 MOA at 100 meters, but it will likely drop to around 1.5 MOA at 600 meters. These rifles served superbly throughout WWII (from 1942 on, when they were introduced) and actually served up through 1991 as the L42A1 (A slightly modified No4 Mk1(T))


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