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Beretta 690 Black Edition Sporting 30”

Brand: beretta
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690 Black Edition Sporting



NEW Matt barrel finish: more than just an aesthetical solution, the matt barrel gives absolute anti-glare performance and helps you keep your eyes away from distractions and constantly on your targets.

OCHP: With a production begun in 1526, now accounting for more than 500.000 barrels a year, Beretta is a world leader in technological research applied to ballistics. The Optimabore HP technology, combined with Steelium, provides excellent accuracy and pattern quality with any kind of shots.

Steelium: the production technology of the Beretta barrels, making the special tri-alloy steel become an outstanding ballistic jewel, thanks to a manufacturing process that is just as unique. Gundrilling, cold hammer forging special vacuum relieving give steel the ideal mechanical characteristic for superior ballistic performance.




NEW Black Edition receiver: the Black Edition features an outstanding black look combining matt and polished surfaces, which give these over-and-unders an incredible personality.

Wider receiver: the receiver of the 690 is +1.3 mm wider than their predecessor, the glorious 682, thus giving to this 690 shotgun even more stability and ease of handling.




The Black Edition

The new Black Edition over-and-unders feature technological solutions for the most demanding competition shooters around the world. Three different models – 690 Black, 692 Black and DT11 Black - with dedicated configuration designed to meet all the shooters’ needs, from the ambitious beginner to the Olympic champion.

The Black Edition over-and-unders combine the renown ballistic performance of Steelium (690), Steelium Plus (692) and Stelium Pro (DT11) technologies with a progressively more complete B-Fast package to get the full shotgun adjustability in terms of ergonomics, weight and balance.

An amazingly-crafted finish packs each of these shotguns, in an outstanding “black look” merging the perfection of matt surfaces (the barrels, for example) with carefully polished elements, while coloured piping and details highlight the identity of each product.



  • 690 Black

The best over-and-under to make your quantum leap in shooting performance.

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